Just to start this post out…

so im pretty new to this whole blogging thing, not gonna lie its really not my cup of tea so to speak.  Well since this blog is about food I thought i should share with everyone one of my favorite places to eat.  Now I live in San Diego and go to UCSD and in 2012 I discovered what is possibly my favorite place to go to so far in San Diego.  Its a tiny little Mexican place called Vallartas.  This place has very reasonable prices and their burritos (their quesaburrito is my favorite) must be made with some type of magical device because they are so good and fresh.  I personally prefer their chicken over their steak but that’s a personal choice.  This place seems to be a popular site for those who are coming back from the club or bar and have the drunk munchies since it seems to cure hangovers.  The quesaburrito consists of cooked chiken (or beef or both O.o) with tomatoes, guacamole, onions, and what i think is cilantro.  Some of their other popular dishes include carne asada fries and nachos.  If you dont have a huge appetite for those then I recommend the burritos because they are very well priced and a good size to keep you full all day.  Oh and for those of you who are Chipotle fans, I can safely say that once you have Vallartas you will never go back there again.  Vallartas is open 24/7 making it that much more appealing.  My roommate and I are possibly their biggest patrons and love their food so if you live in San Diego check them out you will love it 

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One thought on “Just to start this post out…

  1. Liz Losh on said:

    A personal voice is certainly acceptable in food blogging, but using such an unstructured writing style might not bring you a large readership. Usually restaurant reviews include more specific information about the establishment (including address), so you might want to keep working on the best middle ground between traditional and new digital forms of food journalism.

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