Something I never thought of before

i was reading this article i stumbled upon today about why cast iron is the greatest choice for cooking food.  I never really thought of this because i always just use Teflon pans and steel pots but they gave some pretty good reasons why cast iron is great.  Apparently cast iron is :

1 Naturally Non-Stick

2 Easy to clean all you need is hot water and a bristle brush

3 Apparently it can withstand much hotter temperature and conducts heat better and more evenly then steel or teflon

4 It lasts forever and can be recycled cheaply to be used again

5 Every time you cook with cast iron, iron seeps into your food giving you a lil more iron in your food which is good for you except if you are pregnant

I’ve also heard that substances in Teflon can give you cancer if the pans or pots are scratched so maybe if cast iron is so great and cheap i might switch over to that.

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One thought on “Something I never thought of before

  1. Liz Losh on said:

    This is an interesting product to potentially review, and issues about Teflon are certainly of concern to news-you-can-use readers. But I might caution you against using nonstandard syntax and casual diction if you want to build up your credibility as a reporter.

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