Another Amazing Burrito Place

Over the weekend I got the chance to get out of town and go to Santa Barbara one of my favorite places to go.  If you have never been there and find yourself in Isla Vista partying your pants off you have to take yourself to Freebirds to cure your hangover or just to enjoy an amazing burrito.

Freebirds is probably one of the most popular places in the Santa Barbara and if you like Chipotle style burritos then you will LOVE Freebirds.  My favorite thing to get there the chicken quesarito (its not on the menu).  What it basically is is a quesadilla turned into a burrito and its amazing.  another popular off the menu item is the nacho quesarito which has pieces of chips in  the cheese in the burrito, a perfectly crunchy meal.

If you are feeling brave then try the Monster Burrito which is i believe 3-5 lbs of food you are guaranteed to feel food pregnant after that.  Their menu is relatively simple yet the chicken and steak is seasoned so well and is so tender that you just want more (until the weight of the food hits your stomach that is).  Despite lines being long their service is very quick and you will find yourself in no time enjoying some great food.  With that in mind the atmosphere is very college oriented with tons of UCSB students eating there at all hours of the day.  They also have a very local feel to it with pictures of people in different parts of the world wearing Freebirds shirts and half of a motorcycle coming out of the wall (which surprisingly I didn’t notice for the longest time).  One of the only complaints i have of Freebirds is their price range is significantly higher then places like Chipolte or Vallartas, yet if you are just in town visiting the price is well worth the qualirty fo food you get.

If you ever fins yourself in Santa Barbara you must go to Isla Vista and enjoy a Freebirds meal.  They are located at 879 Embacardo Del Norte, Goleta CA, right in the middle of Isla Vista.  Oh, and the best part about it is that Freebirds is open 24/7.

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One thought on “Another Amazing Burrito Place

  1. Liz Losh on said:

    As a restaurant reviewer, you are certainly providing more specifics for a reader who doesn’t already know the spot, than you did in your first burrito-centric posting. But a reader seeking information would probably also appreciate it if you presented more specific research and more evidence of your expertise as a trusted source of information.

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