A Childhood Favorite…

The other day I had the idea to make my own type of Sloppy Joe, which tends to be nostalgic among American people.  I personally never had them growing up but one day in college my best friends mom made them for me and i instantly fell in love.  Sloppy Joes in general are pretty easy to make but im the type of cook that likes to mix new flavors and try new ingredients, its the best way to discover amazing flavors.  Now for my sloppy joes there’s going to be a couple of things you will need.

1 lb of ground beef (preferably 80/20), extra virgin olive oil, 5-6 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, red/green/yellow bell peppers (you can buy them cut at Trader Joes for pretty cheap, thats where i get mine), 1 bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (you can use really any kind of bear you want but i like Blue Ribbon), 1 Tomato, 1 can of Manwhich Sloppy Joe Sauce, and hamburger buns (if you are a poor college student you can find them at the 99 cent store)


This meal is relatively simple to make but with the addition of many ingredients it may take some time.

-First you coat a large sized pan in extra virgin olive oil then pour in the cut onion and garlic cloves and let that cook on medium high until they brown.

-Once the onion and garlic are brown then its time to add in all the meat that you want.  when i made them i used about a lb of ground beef which made plenty for myself and my friends, my rule was to make sure that at least the pans surface was covered in gorund beef.  You are also going to want to add in a cut tomato and the cut bell peppers.

-Now depending on how lean your ground beef is you are going to want to let it all cook in its own fat till the beef is mostly cooked adding salt as you desire (less is much better i didn’t use any at all).

-Once the ground beef is mostly cooked its time to drain all of the fat, you want to have as little fat in as possible

-Next put your pan back on the stove and lower the heat to around medium and get a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (or whatever beer you have) and pour in about half of the bottle (depending on how much meat you have you want to get the whole pan covered in beer)

-Let the meet cook in the beer until it is mostly evaporated (it tends to evaporate pretty fast).

-Once there is mostly no more beer left its time to pour in the can of Manwhich sauce.  Once you do this keep it on medium of lower and let the sauce heat up to the same temperature as the meat.

-Once the sauce is simmering and nice and hot you are ready to toast some hamburger buns and enjoy some delicious beer flavored sloppy joes

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One thought on “A Childhood Favorite…

  1. Liz Losh on said:

    I think your idea to focus on a recipe with nostalgia — and also some potential resistance — the Sloppy Joe is promising as a way to make your food blogging more distinctive. I’d still like to see stories with real beginnings, middles, and ends and more use of images and hyperlinks to show your research.

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