And for dessert…

As someone who gets an incredible amount of happiness from creamy dairy cold desserts like ice cream, i must say this will probably be one of my favorite blogs to write.  Not to long ago i discovered what is probably the greatest milkshake/ice cream shop in all of San Diego.  The place is called Mr. Frostie and its located in Pacific Beach at 1470 Garnet Ave right after Haines Street.  from Monday through Thursday they are open from 10:30am-9pm then on Friday and Saturaday they close at 10pm.  

Its a great place to go to on a nice sunny day on the way to the beach or in the middle of the night when you have a sudden craving for something sweet.  I personally just went last night and got a Red Velvet Oreo shake and so far that has become my favorite thing on the menu.  Their prices aren’t bad in my opinion considering the quality of the shakes are just so high that for me personally i would rather drive all the way to Mr Frostie’s to get a shake then get one at Mcdonalds or Burger King where it might be closer or more convenient.  The prices can range anywhere from around 1.25$-7$ but if you decide to get a large size shake be warned that the large is HUGE. 


Special milkshakes are a little bit more expensive but well worth it.  Some of the ones i have tried include my current favorite and the one i recommend the most which is the Red Velvet shake with Oreos in it, I’ve also had the Mint and the Chocolate Cake Batter with Oreos and if you like Chocolate then the Cake Batter is the way to go.  They have such a wide variety of different flavores and additions of ice cream that you can come up with almost whatever you want and its guaranteed to be amazing.

They have a select menu of food as well including sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef, tuna, chicken salad, and veggie) hot dogs, chili dogs, and meat and cheese subs.  The food is definitely not the focus of what Mr Frostie’s does though, their specialty definitely focuses on the ice cream, shakes , and malts.  Overall Mr Frostie’s is a great place to go and enjoy a nice cold dessert at really any time of the day, with very friendly and down to earth customer service, plenty of space to sit, and a location by the beach and other various stores shopes and bars, Mr Frostie’s is the place to be



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