All you can eat Sushi bar in La Jolla

When I moved to San Diego in 2010 one of my earliest missions was to find a relatively cheap all you can eat sushi place that actually served good quality sushi.  Very quickly I found this place, it’s called Tadashi Sushi and its located at 1277 Prospect Street in Downtown La Jolla, right be La Jolla Coves so you really get an amazing view of the beach.  The restaurant is a pretty small place and can get crowded on the weekends but every time i have gone I have been able to find a seat somewhere.  Tadashi is open Monday through Sunday from 11:30am-9:30pm so make sure you go with an empty stomach to fill it with delicious sushi rolls.


Now for the most exciting part, let’s talk price.  If you go for lunch hours between noon and 3 (which i recommend since its cheaper) all you can eat sushi is 23 dollars which isn’t too bad (cheapest i have ever been to was 20) but keep in mind you do get some pretty good quality sushi and the all you can eat menu includes soup and rice and some other appetizers.  After the lunch hours it gets a bit more expensive at the price of 26 dollars (no tips included).  At these prices I personally don’t go all the time but it is a nice and relatively inexpensive special treat.  They also have a bar with different types of Japanese alcohol like sake and different types of pretty good Japanese beers.

ImageThey have typical sushi bar drinks like green tea .

All of the times I have gone I have had pretty friendly sushi chefs who talk to you while you eat at the sushi bar and tend to be pretty nice.  Tadashi has a very friendly atmosphere and with its location a very nice view of beautiful Downtown La Jolla, although you might be too busy to notice with unlimited amounts of sushi in front of you.

When eating there what I recommend to do is to order the more expensive special rolls on the menu to really get your moneys worth then maybe 1 or 2 cheaper rolls if you are still hungry, but its important to remember that at Tadashi you have to eat all of the sushi you order and can’t take any home with you.  If you leave any sushi behind they will make you pay extra for it.  This is the one downside of Tadashi but at the same time makes sense for the restaurant so that people don’t take a million sushi rolls home with them for 23 dollars.

Some of my favorite rolls which i highly recommend are the shrimp tempura roll because it has a soft and crunchy texture to it at the same time.  Also if you like cream cheese the Philadelphia roll is good as well.  My absolute favorite rolls to get there are the special rolls (these are the more expensive one’s at like 14$ but who cares its all you can eat) such as the dragon roll and the baked salmon roll which is to die for.  the miso soup is really good as well and i recommend getting one after you have had your rolls in order to wash down all that sushi.


Overall Tadashi sushi is a great place to go with a bunch of friends on a nice sunny day and pig out on some fresh sushi.  Then if you can stomach it there is always the beach right down the cove to walk off all those extra pounds you just gained (well worth it).  I would recommend Tadashi Sushi to anyone who has an appreciation to sushi so go out there, eat, and enjoy.

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